Gunnar advanced computer eye wear

Made with your prescription or plano

Gunnars advanced computer eyewear for your digital lifestyleThe right eye-wear can greatly improve your visual comfort when using the computer, tablets, gaming systems and smart phones. One popular option with the patients at our clinic is Gunnar eye-wear by Zeiss Vision, one of the oldest optical companies in the world (founded in Germany in the nineteenth century). 

Gunnar lenses change the frequency of the light that comes from computer and smart-phone screens to make it easier for your eye to absorb thus making vision more comfortable and making the screen easier to read.  The difference is dramatic and can be experienced just by trying on a pair at our clinic. 

Gunnar lenses also have a particular wrap designed to increase the humidity immediately in front of your eyes in order to combat the dry eye that comes from the fact people tend to blink less when they use the computer.

We carry a wide selection of Gunnars in our Vancouver eye clinic and each pair of Gunnars can be customized with your personal vision correction prescription.

Some of our Gunnar styles:

More styles in store and anything out of stock can be ordered in. Most styles come in multiple colours that may not be shown here.

Gunnar AnimeGunnar InterceptGunnar MLG PhantomGunnar Paralex

Gunnar PPKGunnar RPG

Gunnar Steelseries DesmoGunnar Vayper

Gunnar Steelseries ScopeGunnar Joule

Gunnar HausGunnar Epoch

Gunnar EmmisaryGunnar Vinyl

Gunnar SheadogGunnar Signature

Gunnar RegentGunnar Phenom



Sixty-eight percent of young adults report technology related vision problems according to a survey by the American Optometric Association.

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