The myopia epidemic and myopia control

Many young people have the unpleasant experience of having their eye-glasses prescription go up every time they go to the eye doctor - this process is sometimes very rapid. This is called myopia progression. Myopia is commonly called nearsightedness.

High myopia puts a patient at risk of serious eye diseases that may result in blindness. Therefore, any treatment that can slow or stop the progression of myopia is welcome. Fortunately new treatments for myopia progression based on scientific evidence are available and are effective. Dr. Randahwa has a large myopia control practice and has been succesfull in slowing and stopping myopia.

The most effective treatments for myopia progression are orthokeratology and vision therapy. Lifestyle chanages can also help but are more difficult to implement, as the modern Western lifestyle is a likely cause of myopia progression in children.

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Myopia control


An eye exam is one of the best things you can do for your overall health.

An doctor's eye exam is one of the best things you can do for your overall health.  It can even save your life. Brain tumors, cancer and diabetes are often diagnosed first in the eyes - early enough to initiate treatment which could save your life.  Remember, the earlier we catch a disease the easier it is to beat it.


To protect your heart, get an eye exam

To protect your heart, get an eye exam!

"Get an eye exam" to protect your heart  - on Good Morning America - April 2012